E Aadhar Card

Aadhar card is a special number issued to all Indian citizens. It is a universal and central identification number. Aadhar card is a biometric paper that carries the personal information and details of any individual. It is stored in the database of the government which is an important base for the people services.

Download Aadhar Card:

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Fellow this very below steps to get your Adhar card downloaded online in just 2 minutes.

There are two ways to download E Aadhar card online from UIDAI Website.

1) First one is using your Enrollment id(EID).

2) The second way is through your Aadhar card number (UID).

Please Read All Step Carefully Before Download Aadhar card 

Aadhar card download online by Enrollment no/id

So, Let us see how to download Adhar card through Enrollment EID

Step: 1 A very first step is to open official webpage of UIDAI Aadhar download website, you can also click here to open it.


Step: 2 Now Select I have “Enrolment Id” button(Which Might Be Already Selected)

Step: 3 Now Enter your Enrolment ID with exact date and time, your Full Name as shown on the Enrollment slip, pin code, Captcha image which is displayed.

Step: 4 Then Click on the Get One Time Password(OTP) button.

Step: 5 You’ll receive an OTP Code on your mobile number which you have given.

Step: 6 Now Enter the OTP code in the textbox and then click on the Validate & download button.

E aadhar Download

Step: 7 Aadhaar card soft copy (Eaadhar) file will be downloaded on your computer or mobile phone.

Aadhar card download online through Aadhar card number

If you don’t have Adhar enrollment slip or forgot it somewhere you can still download Aadhar card through Aadhar card number.

Step: 1 Go to the official webpage of Uidai Aadhar download website or click here to open it.

Step: 2 Now select I have “Aadhaar” button.

Aadhar Download

Step: 3 Now Enter your Enrolment ID with exact date and time, your Full Name as shown on the Enrollment slip, pin code, Captcha image which is displayed there.

Step: 4 Then Click on the Get One Time Password(OTP) button.

Step: 5 You’ll receive an OTP Code on your mobile number.

Step: 6 Now Enter the OTP code in the textbox and then click on the Validate & download button.

Step: 7 Aadhaar card soft copy file will be downloaded on your computer or mobile phone.

NOTE: For a security reason Uidai had made the File Password Protected, To know the password or how to open this file click here.


There are many uses for this card:

1.Identity card:

It is very important to vote, to prove your name, age and address and also it is very useful to ask for any of the government services and programs offered.

2.Using the available subsidies:

This card allows the holder to avail any of the government subsidizations that she/he needs. It proves your data that are already stored in the government’s database and required to enroll at the government programs.

3.Digital life certificate:

Now and thanks to this identity card, the pensioners are not obligated to present physically to get their pension. They can receive their money at home because their data are already stored and can be accessed by the agency easily through their cards’ numbers.

4.Ease of availability:

Aadhar card is the only document that is issued by the government and it is available everywhere. Also, you can apply for this aadhar online which is called e-aadhar. You can download a copy of your physical one to protect your card from being stolen.

5.Acquisition of passport:

The ordinary way to get a passport includes many steps such as getting an appointment with the authorities, processing your application, dispatching of the passport and police verification checks. Now if you have an aadhar card, you can apply for the passport online.

6.Opening bank accounts:

Aadhar cards can be used as a valid and authorized proof for the address and the photo when you are requesting to have a bank account.

What Is Masked Aadhar?Download And Difference

What is Masked Aadhar Card:

UIDAI has implemented a security feature day by day so UIDAI has started a new feature called “Masked Aadhar“.The main advantage of masked aadhar is not showing full aadhar card number on this so a user can share aadhar card without any hesitation.


How To Download Masked Aadhar card:

STEP 1: Find Aadhar card Official Website[Click Here]

STEP 2: Select your Preference here you to select Masked Aadhar.

Masked Aadhar Card Dowload

                                             Masked Aadhar Card Download



STEP 3: Enrolment ID/Aadhaar Number/VID, Full Name, Pincode, and Security Code[Fill All the Details carefully because if one info is wrong you can’t download masked aadhar], finally click on Request OTP Button.

Now You should get OTP to you register mobile number, just enter this OTP and click on Download Aadhar button.

Hope you understand the whole process and get masked aadhar card.


Difference between Masked Aadhaar Vs Regular Aadhar:

on masked aadhar, it displays only last 4 digits of aadhar card rest 8 digits hide with a cross mark.

on regular aadhar card your 12 digits aadhar number display as normal.

How To Check If The Aadhar Card Is Deactivated

The Aadhar card is one of the identity proofs that has become mandatory in the past years for Indian citizens. The card is said to be comprised of personal information about the particular individual such as his fingerprints, Iris details, and other information. It is a unique KYC 12 digit number and can be used to open bank accounts, visiting hotels or guest rooms and at any other place where there is a need to display the identity of the individual.


The UIDAI or unique identification authority of India takes care of the Aadhar card being made in the country. Their main objective is to provide an Aadhar card to every citizen of India to enable residents with the personal identity which can be presented as evidence anytime anywhere.


Do you know your Aadhar card can be deactivated too?


An Aadhar card can be deactivated under different circumstances such as mixed or anomalous biometric information or multiples name in single name.


There are various steps to Check if your Aadhar card is deactivated such as:-

STEP 1: Visit UIDAI’s official website (uidai.gov.in.) on your device.

STEP 2: Then, you have to Click on ‘Verify Aadhar Number’ link on the right-hand side of the link.

STEP 3: Once the link opens, enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number in the relevant box to verify if your Aadhar number is valid or not.

STEP 4: Enter the security code and press the ‘verify’ tab

STEP 5: If you will receive a message that your Aadhar number does not exist, then your Aadhar card is deactivated.

Now, the question is ‘How can you reactivate your Aadhar card’?


An individual can opt to reactivate their Aadhaar number with the help of below series of steps followed. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Please visit the nearest Aadhar enrollment center.
  • Carry all the essential or KYC documents with yourself.
  • Fill the Aadhar update form that will be provided to you at the center.
  • After providing demographic details, you will be asked for biometric verification.
  • Your previous biometric records should be matched with a new one.
  • If The match is confirmed it will be reactivated with the permission of  UIDAI.


Your biometrics will be verified again for a fee of 25 INR. Your Aadhar card will be reactivated only if it matches with the previous records.


The Government of India took many corrective actions to link Aadhaar card with Pan card and bank account number as per the income tax laws. If it is not activated person cannot avail the services provided by the government to the citizens. This is one of the key reasons why you should have your Aadhar card always activated, make sure that you adhere to the latest laws of the government of the country and have ready details as asked by them.


Do keep a check on your Aadhaar number as it is one of the essential document possessed by an individual as a citizen of India.


How To Retrieve Aadhar Number/UID Online

hello Dear Freinds, if you forget or lost aadhar,uid number that very frightful thing for you because you can’t able to government-related work like a bank, government scheme, and many more so you have compulsory need aadhar card nowadays so UIDAI know that issue so it is provided facility retrieve aadhar number/UID Online here we shown step by step details below.


How To Retrieve Aadhar Card 

STEP 1: Open Aadhar Card Website[Click Here],you cloud find Retive UID/EID under section “aadhar Enrolment” Section.


Retrive Aadhar Number

                                     Retrieve Aadhar Number

STEP 2: Select Aadhar Card (UID) From Drop-down, Enter Full Name, Mobile Number OR Email, Fill Captcha Code and click On Send OTP Button.


Find Aadhar Card

                                                      Find Aadhar Card


STEP 3: You should get OTP to your register mobile number Enter this OTP.


Retrive Aadhar number online

                                                                 Retrieve Aadhar number online


Finally, You will Get the aadhar number to your register mobile number


Find aadhar number By name

                                                                                Find aadhar number By name


How To Retrieve Enrolment Number(UID):

All the Procedure is same but in step 2 here you have to select Enrolment Number instead of aadhar number so you can get UID to your register mobile number


FAQ: About Aadhar

Q 1: My mobile number is not registered with UIDAI so how can retrieve aadhar number:

ANS: cool!!!so there is no way retrieve online but you can visit nearest aadhar help center you can get details with help of fingerprint.

Q 2: I don’t remember any information like name, mobile number, email should i apply for new aadhar.

Ans: No you can’t apply for new aadhar because aadhar number generate only one time so I recommended visit aadhar help centre with help of figure print you can get all your info.

How To Check Aadhar Card Bank Account Link

How do I know whether my bank account is linked to my Aadhaar card or not?

yes, you can check whether your bank account linked with aadhaar card or not in only simple few steps which are shown below

STEP 1: Visite UIDAI Official Website[Cick Here], here you can find the line of Check Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status hit on this link


Check Aadhar Card Bank Account Link

                            Check Aadhar Card Bank Account Link


STEP 2: Enter Aadhar Number OR Virtual ID Number, and Enter Captcha Code, Click On Submit Button

aadhar card bank account link check

                                          aadhar card bank account link check


STEP 3: You Cloud Get OTP to your register mobile number enter this OTP and click on Login Button

How To Check Aadhar Card Bank Account Link

                                      How To Check Aadhar Card Bank Account Link


STEP 4: Finally, you would see bank linking date, Bank Name on your screen

 bank account is linked to my Aadhaar card or not?

bank account is linked to my Aadhaar card or not


Through USSD:

  • Enter *99*99*1# to your register mobile number
  • Now Enter Your Aadhar number and Finally, you will see



Many of bank also provided facility to check aadhar card linking with a bank or not so you can net banking facility and check this aadhar card link or not.

Aadhar Card Update Online Here

UIDAI has just simply all the process for aadhar card holder so every citizen can use there facility and reduce burden as well as same time. here we have discussed both procedures for update aadhar card online and offline.

Aadhar Card Update Online

Right now As one September 2018, you can only update an address online if you want update aadhar card name, Date Of birth, Name so you have compulsory either you have visite nearest aadhar card help center or request through a post, step by step aadhar card update below.

Please Read All the Step (1 to 8 ) CareFully Before Update Aadhar Card . If you any Qustion Then Comment down.

STEP 1: Visit  UIDAI aadhar card Official Website[Click Here]

STEP 2: Enter 12 Digits Aadahr Card Number or VID(Virtual ID), Fill Captcha And Click On Submit Button.

Aadhar Card Update

                                                                                           Aadhar Card Update

You Don’t Know How To Generate Virtual ID Check This: How To Generate a Virtual ID


STEP 3: Enter One Time Password that you cloud get on your register mobile number.


aadhar update

                                                            Aadhar update


STEP 4: Select Tick Mark on Address Option And Click On Submit Button.


Aadhar Card Update Online

Aadhar Card Update Online


STEP 5: Enter your Updated Address Details and click on Submit Update Request


Aadhar Update Online

                                                                      Aadhar Update Online


STEP 6: Review Address Details And Click On “Proceed”


Aadhar card Update Details Online

                                                                    Aadhar card Update Details Online


STEP 7: Upload “Address Proof” Document as Per Your Flexibility And Click On Submit Button, You Will See Confirmation Dialog Box And Click On “Yes”


Aadhar card Address Update

                                                                           Aadhar card Address Update


STEP 8: Select “BPO Service Provider Selection and Request Submission” and Click On Submit Button.


Aadhar Address Change

                                                                              Aadhar Address Change

Finally, All the step complete now you would get URN(Update Request Number) note down this number because you can track your application status by this number.

Aadhar card update Offline Mode

there are two way to aadhar card details offline 1)Via Aadhar card Help Center 2)Post Office  we explaining both procedures.

Aadhar card Update Via Aadhar Help Center:

  • First You have visite Nearest Government Authorize aadhar card Center and take aadhar update from the office.
  • Fill all the Details Very carefully and submit this form with Respective validate proof.
  • Submit this form to Service Center.

Note: Applicant has to pay 25 Rp Fees For Update Request

Aadhar Card Update Via Post Office:


Address 1: UIDAI
Post Box No. 10,
Madhya Pradesh – 480001,

Address 2: UIDAI
Post Box No. 99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,


Aadhaar Virtual ID – The compelete Step by Step Guide

Having an Aadhaar Card is mandatory for everybody in the nation. Whatever official work you want to get done with, requires Aadhaar Card. All your bank details and much other vital information can be accessed with your Aadhaar card.
So keeping the Aadhaar Card details secured is very important. But in the present times, you need to give the Aadhaar details everywhere.
How do you protect your details in such a scenario? 
You can create an Aadhar Virtual ID and generate a 16-digit code to give out for the Aadhaar details. For Aadhaar authentications you can even use those 16-digit temporary codes.
This virtual UIDAI ID can be given to agencies, instead of the Aadhar details to protect your card being accessed by someone else maliciously.  The virtual ID can also be given to get the KYC updated in both governmental and non-governmental organizations.
This facility has been implemented from 1st June 2018. It is impossible to track down the Aadhaar number from this virtual ID. This system has been introduced to control the breach of Aadhaar data. Keep in mind, that this code can be generated only by someone who has an Aadhaar card. Individuals without Aadhaar cards cannot avail of this service.
The 16-digit code is generated against an Aadhaar card number. Only one virtual ID can be generated against a card number at a time. However, it can be generated as many times the user wants. The fluctuating code is valid for at least a single day. With so much of online hacking of data and fraud, this system is a welcome practice to keep ourselves safe.
The UIDAI ID has a lot of unique features like agencies have to take consent from the user for authentication using the ID. Also whenever the users retrieve their Aadhaar, the last virtual ID is sent to the registered mobile number. The agencies are also not storing the one time unique ID.

The generation of the unique ID is pretty simple. 

It can be generated online via the UIDAI official website. In future, the ID generation will be facilitated through an application as well. But there are some basic requirements to generate the virtual ID.
The users have to register their mobile number with the UIDAI to avail this service. The unique ID is sent to the user’s mobile number. The very intermediate step is to link your mobile number with your Aadhaar. 

Steps on how to generate Virtual ID:


1. Visit the official UIDAI website (https://www.uidai.gov.in/)

2. There is the section called the Aadhaar Online Services. Click on the “Virtual Id (VID) Generator” from this section.

aadhar virtual id

3. You will be taken to a new VID generation page.

4. Here you need to enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number and the security code.
5. After filling up all the boxes you click on the “Send OTP” button.
Aadhar Download using vid

6. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

7. Enter the OTP and then click on “Submit”

8. You will receive a message stating the successful generation of your ID.


9. You will receive the 16 digits virtual ID on your mobile number via SMS.

Aadhaar Virtual Id Step 9


And there you have it. Your virtual Aadhaar Id generated. It is a very simple process so that each and every citizen holding an Aadhaar card can avail of this service and be safe from the breach of Aadhaar data.
There is one more unique feature of this Virtual ID. You can also download your E-Aadhaar card using this Virtual ID.  It might happen that even when you have the virtual ID, which is completely authenticated, you might need the actual Aadhaar card number. Here’s how you can download the e-Aadhar number using the ID.

Steps on how to download e-Aadhaar card using virtual ID:

1. Visit UIDAI’s official website
2. You will find the “Aadhaar Online Services” section
3. Click on the “Download Aadhaar” section
4. In the “VID” section choose “I have”
5. Fill up all the boxes
6. Click on “Send OTP”
7. After entering the OTP the E-Aadhar file will be downloaded in your system
8. You can access it by using your Aadhar card password.
The PDF file will be opened with this password- the first 4 letters of your name and the year of birth in capital letters.
This system with its unique and super safe features is a great way to keep online data safe for every individual. Data is a huge asset today and has to be safeguarded in every possible manner.

Aadhar Card Status Check Online UIDAI

A step-by-step guide to check Aadhar Card status

After receiving the Aadhar Acknowledgement Slip, you have the option to check your Adhar card status either online or offline. You can check Aadhaar card enrolment status in a number of ways. The status of an Adhar can be figured out easily online through the UIDAI’s online portal or using just one’s mobile phone via a text message.

Where can you find your Enrolment ID Number?

On the topmost corner of your acknowledgment slip you, there is a 14 digit enrolment number and the time of your enrolment. These two combined will make up your temporary Enrolment ID (EID).

How to check your Aadhar Card status:

  • Log on to the UIDAI official website.
  • On the bottom right corner, you will see the ‘Aadhar Services’ section. There will be a link to ‘Enrolment/Download E-Aadhar /Update’.
  • Select this link and you will reach the Aadhar Kiosk; this page will show options regarding Aadhar enrollment, updating and checking status.
  • Now, select the third option on the left: ‘Check Aadhar Status
  • You will reach a page where you can now check your Aadhar status.
  • Enter the following details in the blank spaces to check your status:
  • Enrolment ID – in the format EID: (1234/12345/12345)
  • Date and Time – in the format: (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss)
  • Security Code -Input the security code displayed on the screen
  • Select the ‘Check Status’ button at the bottom of the screen

Steps to Check Adhar Card Status over the Phone

You can alternatively check your Aadhar Status through your mobile phone. For this you have to send the following SMS to 51969 to receive information regarding the status of your Aadhar: “UID STATUS (followed by) <14 digit enrolment number>”. For example UID STATUS12345678912345.
If your Aadhar Card has been issued before, you will receive a text message with your Aadhar Card number. If it has not yet been generated till now, you will receive a text with the status of your card.

How to check Aadhar status through India Post?

The status of delivery of your Aadhar Card can also be tracked online on the official website of India Post. Using the facilities offered by UIDAI, you receive your Aadhar card at your doorstep at no additional cost. Once you are done with your Aadhar enrolment at the center, it will be dispersed and delivered to you at your residential address within 60 to 90 days.

You Can Also Visit This Link.

E Aadhar Card Download

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