Aadhaar Virtual ID – The compelete Step by Step Guide

Having an Aadhaar Card is mandatory for everybody in the nation. Whatever official work you want to get done with, requires Aadhaar Card. All your bank details and much other vital information can be accessed with your Aadhaar card.
So keeping the Aadhaar Card details secured is very important. But in the present times, you need to give the Aadhaar details everywhere.
How do you protect your details in such a scenario? 

You can create an Aadhar Virtual ID and generate a 16-digit code to give out for the Aadhaar details. For Aadhaar authentications you can even use those 16-digit temporary codes.
This virtual UIDAI ID can be given to agencies, instead of the Aadhar details to protect your card being accessed by someone else maliciously.  The virtual ID can also be given to get the KYC updated in both governmental and non-governmental organizations.
This facility has been implemented from 1st June 2018. It is impossible to track down the Aadhaar number from this virtual ID. This system has been introduced to control the breach of Aadhaar data. Keep in mind, that this code can be generated only by someone who has an Aadhaar card. Individuals without Aadhaar cards cannot avail of this service.
The 16-digit code is generated against an Aadhaar card number. Only one virtual ID can be generated against a card number at a time. However, it can be generated as many times the user wants. The fluctuating code is valid for at least a single day. With so much of online hacking of data and fraud, this system is a welcome practice to keep ourselves safe.
The UIDAI ID has a lot of unique features like agencies have to take consent from the user for authentication using the ID. Also whenever the users retrieve their Aadhaar, the last virtual ID is sent to the registered mobile number. The agencies are also not storing the one time unique ID.

The generation of the unique ID is pretty simple. 

It can be generated online via the UIDAI official website. In future, the ID generation will be facilitated through an application as well. But there are some basic requirements to generate the virtual ID.
The users have to register their mobile number with the UIDAI to avail this service. The unique ID is sent to the user’s mobile number. The very intermediate step is to link your mobile number with your Aadhaar.

Steps on how to generate Virtual ID:

1. Visit the official UIDAI website (https://www.uidai.gov.in/)

2. There is the section called the Aadhaar Online Services. Click on the “Virtual Id (VID) Generator” from this section.

aadhar virtual id

3. You will be taken to a new VID generation page.

4. Here you need to enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number and the security code.
5. After filling up all the boxes you click on the “Send OTP” button.
Aadhar Download using vid

6. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

7. Enter the OTP and then click on “Submit”

8. You will receive a message stating the successful generation of your ID.

9. You will receive the 16 digits virtual ID on your mobile number via SMS.

Aadhaar Virtual Id Step 9
And there you have it. Your virtual Aadhaar Id generated. It is a very simple process so that each and every citizen holding an Aadhaar card can avail of this service and be safe from the breach of Aadhaar data.
There is one more unique feature of this Virtual ID. You can also download your E-Aadhaar card using this Virtual ID.  It might happen that even when you have the virtual ID, which is completely authenticated, you might need the actual Aadhaar card number. Here’s how you can download the e-Aadhar number using the ID.

Steps on how to download e-Aadhaar card using virtual ID:

1. Visit UIDAI’s official website
2. You will find the “Aadhaar Online Services” section
3. Click on the “Download Aadhaar” section
4. In the “VID” section choose “I have”
5. Fill up all the boxes
6. Click on “Send OTP”
7. After entering the OTP the E-Aadhar file will be downloaded in your system
8. You can access it by using your Aadhar card password.
The PDF file will be opened with this password- the first 4 letters of your name and the year of birth in capital letters.
This system with its unique and super safe features is a great way to keep online data safe for every individual. Data is a huge asset today and has to be safeguarded in every possible manner.


1 ) How do you acquire VID?

Ans:- It can very easily without any glitch be downloaded if an individual has an aadhar card. It can be replaced if required. One VID per aadhar card is valid. You can generate the VID accessibility from the UIDAI Resident portal.

2 ) Can anyone generate VID on one’s behalf?

Ans:- No one else can generate the VID on your behalf strictly.

3 ) How can a forgotten VID be obtained?

Ans:- You need to follow the UIDAI resident portal to get the reset of VID.

4 ) Can a person use VID for OTP or other demographic authentication?

Ans:- Yes, it can be used for other aadhar authentications.

5 ) Can any third party agency store VID?

Ans:- No, though it is temporary and can be altered no other agency can store the VID.

6 ) If a request is raised to regenerate VID, can a person get the same one?

Ans:- Yes, you can opt for the option of getting the same VID after a span of minimum time if required.

7 ) When does VID expire?

Ans:- VID is generated by the user and has a temporary period of validity. It can be changed and reset by the user.

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