How To Check If The Aadhar Card Is Deactivated

The Aadhar card is one of the identity proofs that has become mandatory in the past years for Indian citizens. The card is said to be comprised of personal information about the particular individual such as his fingerprints, Iris details, and other information. It is a unique KYC 12 digit number and can be used to open bank accounts, visiting hotels or guest rooms and at any other place where there is a need to display the identity of the individual.

The UIDAI or unique identification authority of India takes care of the Aadhar card being made in the country. Their main objective is to provide an Aadhar card to every citizen of India to enable residents with the personal identity which can be presented as evidence anytime anywhere.


Do you know your Aadhar card can be deactivated too?


An Aadhar card can be deactivated under different circumstances such as mixed or anomalous biometric information or multiples name in single name.


There are various steps to Check if your Aadhar card is deactivated such as:-

STEP 1: Visit UIDAI’s official website ( on your device.

STEP 2: Then, you have to Click on ‘Verify Aadhar Number’ link on the right-hand side of the link.

STEP 3: Once the link opens, enter the 12 digit Aadhaar number in the relevant box to verify if your Aadhar number is valid or not.

STEP 4: Enter the security code and press the ‘verify’ tab

STEP 5: If you will receive a message that your Aadhar number does not exist, then your Aadhar card is deactivated.

Now, the question is ‘How can you reactivate your Aadhar card’?

An individual can opt to reactivate their Aadhaar number with the help of below series of steps followed. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Please visit the nearest Aadhar enrollment center.
  • Carry all the essential or KYC documents with yourself.
  • Fill the Aadhar update form that will be provided to you at the center.
  • After providing demographic details, you will be asked for biometric verification.
  • Your previous biometric records should be matched with a new one.
  • If The match is confirmed it will be reactivated with the permission of  UIDAI.


Your biometrics will be verified again for a fee of 25 INR. Your Aadhar card will be reactivated only if it matches with the previous records.


The Government of India took many corrective actions to link Aadhaar card with Pan card and bank account number as per the income tax laws. If it is not activated person cannot avail the services provided by the government to the citizens. This is one of the key reasons why you should have your Aadhar card always activated, make sure that you adhere to the latest laws of the government of the country and have ready details as asked by them.


Do keep a check on your Aadhaar number as it is one of the essential document possessed by an individual as a citizen of India.


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