What Is Masked Aadhar ? Download And Difference

What is Masked Aadhar Card:

UIDAI has implemented a security feature day by day so UIDAI has started a new feature called “Masked Aadhar“.The main advantage of masked aadhar is not showing full aadhar card number on this so a user can share aadhar card without any hesitation.


How To Download Masked Aadhar card:

STEP 1: Find Aadhar card Official Website[Click Here]

STEP 2: Select your Preference here you to select Masked Aadhar.

Masked Aadhar Card Dowload

                                             Masked Aadhar Card Download



STEP 3: Enrolment ID/Aadhaar Number/VID, Full Name, Pincode, and Security Code[Fill All the Details carefully because if one info is wrong you can’t download masked aadhar], finally click on Request OTP Button.

Now You should get OTP to you register mobile number, just enter this OTP and click on Download Aadhar button.

Hope you understand the whole process and get masked aadhar card.


Difference between Masked Aadhaar Vs Regular Aadhar:

on masked aadhar, it displays only last 4 digits of aadhar card rest 8 digits hide with a cross mark.

on regular aadhar card your 12 digits aadhar number display as normal.

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